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    East Africa Flat Glass Market 2020 Industry Analysis, Growth, Trends and Forecast to 2024

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    The study is titled ‘Global East Africa Flat Glass Market Research Report’, in which extensive research has been undertaken by analysts and a detailed evaluation of the global market has been provided. The report includes an in-depth, extensive study of this market in tandem with vital parameters that are likely to have an effect on the market commercialization matrix.

    The East Africa flat glass market has received a surge of interest from the latest development in the automotive industry wherein Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. announced its plans to start a vehicle assembly initiative in Kenya. It is indeed a huge step in the Kenyan government’s plans to develop a regional automotive manufacturing hub in the country which is the biggest economy of East Africa.

    With lowered costs of vehicles, the scope for the automotive industry will also be widened in the African countries where ownership per thousand people is about a quarter of the global average. Increased affordability will further add to the growth rate of the East Africa flat glass market, the size of which was estimated to be $145 million in 2017.

    According to estimates the East Africa flat glass market size from building and construction application during 2017 was valued at $115 million. Recently at East Africa BUILD, the East Africa International building materials, construction equipment, machinery and products Trade Exhibition, investors were urged to expand their presence and network in the region while Governments and Trade Associations were working towards luring international investors.

    With the number of construction projects having gone up by more than 60% between 2016 and 2017, the East Africa flat glass market is expected to register appreciable growth at it strives to fulfill the increased demand for doors, windows, floors, partitions, bathrooms and stairs.

    The combination of a rapidly progressing economy, emergence of a middle class with more disposable income, and cooperation from governments and trade bodies have been noted in almost all of the countries that constitute East Africa.

    While on one hand this has attracted investors to focus and spend more on property and building construction for residential and commercial purposes, on the other hand, notable automakers liked Volkswagen have pledged to change Africa’s image in the global automotive space. Driven by the extensive product demand in the region’s automotive and construction sectors, East Africa flat glass market size is anticipated to surpass $235 million by 2024.

    Source: https://coleofduty.com/Author: shangyi

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