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    Vacuum Sputter Coating Machine for Automotive Glass

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    Product Details

    Goldstone Vacuum Magnetron Sputter Coating Machine for Automobile Car Mirror

    Goldstone is engaged to develop the professional vacuum sputter deposition system for customers flexible applications. The automobile mirror coating machine is designed for high quality front surface mirror and blue mirror.

    The front surface reflection (FSR) technology can avoid the ghost shadow caused by two times reflective firstly on glass surface and secondly on reflection film surface. The image on the FSR mirror is more clear and true than normal mirror. So the FSR mirror has been widely applied in automobile rear view mirrors. The continuous sputtering line with multiple chambers can produce the chrome coated FSR mirror for car in a high speed. Compared with vertical chamber machine, it gives better coating film quality and larger output, suitable for mass production.

    The machine can also be designed to produce the mirror with multiple layers of thin film, the Interference light shows blue color which is very comfortable to human eyes. So the drivers cannot see the dazzling light reflected from the blue mirror and then make the driving at night more safety.

    Goldstone Vacuum Tech has developed the professional machine for car mirror both the rear view mirror and side mirror. The machine is in minimal size but give you a high output which is professional design for car mirrors. The coating quality is same as the big sputtering machine for architecture glass but the small machine can save big machine investment and energy cost. It is suitable for small and medium mirror factory to produce the OEM spare parts for vehicle. 


    1. Glass size max. 800 X 1200, Load 12 pcs of side mirror 250 X 300 mm in one cycle

    2. Sputtering Cathode: 2 targets

    3. Cycle time is about 120-150 seconds

    4. Coated Material: Chrome, Aluminum, Titanium, Silicone,...

    5. Production: Chrome mirror & Blue mirror


    1. High quality chrome mirror for car vehicle

    2. Turbo molecular pumps and cyro-pump can be the option for premium machine

    3. Can produce blue mirror as customer requirement

    4. High output 300-600 sheets of mirror per hour

    5. Low electric consumption

    6. Small land space, easy for installation at the workshop

    7. Flexible production of selecting multiple sputter cathodes


    1. Chrome mirror for automobile

    2. Blue mirror for automobile

    3. Decoration color glass

    4. Small parts metallization

    Chengdu Goldstone Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd.



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