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                          Low-e glass sheet

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                            In plywood crates with paper interleaved

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                          Low emissivity coated glass (abbr.Low-E glass) is made by online pyrolytic coated technology and offline magnetron sputtering vacuum deposition technology on the surface of float glass. It is new generation of energy efficient environmental friendly building material. In winter, the aim of the coating is to reflect the heat back to inside of the building to prevent heat loss and keep the indoor climate at an even temperature. In summer, the coating will reduce the amount of re-radiated heat into the building thereby keeping indoor cooler. Total heat gain is reduced. Features:1.Visible light transmittance?adequate indoor natural daylighting.2. Solar energy transmittance ?a wide range of shading coefficient SC available, for different geological locations.3. High far infrared reflectance ?low U-value, reduced thermal transfer due to temperature difference. Quality Standards: Comply with China GB/T 14915.2, Europe EN 1096 Specifications : Thickness:3~19mm Color: Clear, Ultra Clear, Blue, Green, Bronze, Grey, Pink, etc. Size:1650x2200mm,1830x2440mm,2134x3300mm,2134x3660mm,2440x3300mm, 2440x3660mm etc.

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