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    Windshield glass washing machine, Curve Glass Washing Machine

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    This glass washing machine is especially for cleaning automotive wind screen.The conveying system is steady to promise precise transmission.The washing section includes 3 parts of pre-washing,HP washing,and clean water washing to keep a high cleanliness of the glass.Adjustable air knives(manual or motorized adjustment) can meet the needs of the requests of different sizes.The equipment is equipped with anti-static system to eliminate the static on the glass surface,balance system to keep the pressure balance in the drying chambers and temperature balance system to reduce the power consumption.

    There equips a function of self-check at the fan blower to keep the air cleanliness and to reduce the consumption of the fan blower.The equipment is made into an entirety to keep no water leakage,high dryness and low noise and thus to protect environment.To control the system through PLC program to meet the need of the automation of the equipment.Human-computer interface facilitates the operation and it is easy to learn.The equipment is unique inland and it gains the qualification of CE by TUV.

    Main configuration
          PLC control ,man-machine interface operation
          Parts in contact with water are made of stainless steel or import PVC materials.
          Frame can also be stainless steel.
          External cover made of stainless steel.
          Transmission adopts mental gear frequency control of motor speed, it is stable and reliable, low noise and easy maintenance.
          The design of the automatic feed water, with automatic filling water , automatic constant temperature alarm and other function.
          Sensors at the entrance sect and exit sect to detect the glass in and out. There would be an alarm if the glass stays in the machine
           Independent water tank equipped with wheels and handle for easy  maintenance and cleaning.
          Two filters  for  water pump, one stainless filter above water tank to collect cullets.
          Two filters at the air inlet of the acoustic chamber ,air inlet pre-filter and pocket filter , pre-filter accuracy is F5 and pocket filter is F7.
           Fan chamber is made of choi steel. it is more beautiful and sound-absorbing.

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