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    Automatic Glass Washing Machine

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    Product Details

    1. Supply Scope:

    1.1. Loading table

    1.2. Washing & drying section

    1.3. Unloading table

    2. Machine Main Features:

    2.1. Machine frame adopts standard steel, and make the painting on the surface.

    2.2. Lower noise, the drying section adopts the frame made by U-bar, there is noise-absorption materials at the top & bottom tank which could reduce the noise greatly.

    2.3. Convey roller adopts full vulcanized rubber roller, which is durable and elastic, it could keep the glass clean during conveying.

    2.4. Main transmission adopts bevel gear, upper pressing roller transmission adopts gear, which is stable and reliable. The transmission speed could be displayed. Main transmission motor driven by inverter from Taiwan.

    2.5. There is emergency stop button at the in/out end for emergency stop.

    2.6. There is the water pan, water tank, separate water pump, spraying pipe at the washing-in section, which could wash the dirty glass after cutting, and reduce the scratch on glass.

    2.7. There are three pairs of brush rollers. The top & bottom rollers are driven by belts through motors.

    2.8. Brush roller diameter: 150mm; the spindle head adopts stainless steel.

    2.9. There are two pairs air knifes, the first pair is straight cold knife, the second is slant cold knife.

    2.10. The washing & drying section could be lifted for 350mm through motor, which is convenient for washing and maintenance.

    2.11. The fan has noise silencing cotton, and air tank has insulation board. The fan is at the top of machine to save the space.

    2.12. There is one control cabinet for the operation of fan, water pump, transmission, lighting, lifting, etc.

    2.13. Low-e glass, ordinary coated glass and solar glass could be washed.

    3. Machine Model

    Max. glass width: 1600mm; 2000mm; 2500mm; 3000mm

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